M-Audio: X-Session Pro


M-Audio: X-Session Pro
X-Session Pro 
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The M-Audio X-Session Pro is set up in the style of a dual-player DJ mixer. The M-Audio X-Session Pro brings the tactile feel of a traditional DJ mixer to the brave new world of computer DJing and live performance. With a single USB connection, you get dedicated controls for volume, pitch, EQ, cueing, transport, and a crossfader. As a class-compliant USB MIDI controller, you can use it to control applications like Ableton Live, Traktor DJ Studio or any software that supports MIDI Learn, enabling you to bring DJ-inspired crossfades and filter sweeps into your live performances as well as studio productions.

M-Audio X-Session Pro Features:
4 x MIDI sliders
12 x MIDI knobs
10 x MIDI buttons
MIDI crossfader
DJ mixer-inspired layout
Powered via USB
Class-compliant with Windows XP* and Mac OS X
On/Off switch
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