Formula Sound Shadow Mixer


Formula Sound Shadow Mixer
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The 'Shadow' is designed as a rack mounting 'back-up' mixer for entertainment venues, with enough facilities to keep music playing if a main mixer fails, or requires maintenance, but is also ideal where a high quality basic mixer is required. The 1U rackmounting unit has rotary volume controls for mic input, 4 stereo inputs (two with RIAA equalisation, internally defeatable), master output level and headphones level. A horizontal linear fader crossfades between stereo inputs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4. The mic channel has an on/off switch and each stereo channel has a cue switch. There is also a crossfade on-off and a mains switch. Rear panel presets adjust mic gain, LF and HF EQ, and stereo channel gains. The mic and stereo inputs and main stereo outputs have parallel 'through' connectors so the Shadow may be inserted 'in line' with the main mixer. When the Shadow is un-powered, internal gold-plated relays bypass it's electronics, to provide normal signal routing. If the main mixer fails or requires maintenance, the 'Shadow' is switched on and provides the required output.

  • It has all the switching required to replace the main mixer instantly in the event of trouble

  • One microphone channel
  • Four stereo music channels, two of which are equalised to RIAA for phono cartridges

  • Pre-fade listen switches are provided on the four music channels

  • All inputs have a pre-set gain control accessible through holes in the rear panel

  • The microphone channel has an illuminated ON/OFF switch for ease of operation

  • 2 band equalisation is provided via pre-sets on the back panel, for the mic channel

  • A master volume control and headphone control, with associated jack socket, are also provided on the front panel
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